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I have had my THOR Laser for four months and so far have treated countless TMJ patients, three oral mucositis patients and a few xerostomia patients. All of them feel instant effects and rave about the results. This has been one of the most amazing pieces of technology I have introduced into my practice. I definitely recommend it for every dental office.

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Dr. Jennifer Waters, DDS

I have used my THOR Laser for about six months. The improvement in patients pain and rapidity of healing is substantial. This laser is on many times each day and is a mainstay for any traumatic treatment that we must do as well as an aid for a patients chronic pain that, many times, patients were told that they must live with. I would no longer feel comfortable practicing without a good low level laser. The THOR unit is definitely the 'big boy' of PBM.

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Dr. Richard F. Marz, DDS

I use my laser for just about everything I can do in dentistry. The laser also saves money as assistant is able to do it and I don't have to spend as much for anesthetic and needles.

For about half of my patients, I use it instead of needles. For extraction I use it to prevent post-op pain and swelling, for root canals I use it to prevent post-op pain, I treat neuropathic pain, facial pain, soft tissue lesions, etc. It gives faster and better intergation of implants, plus plenty of other uses. Everyone you treat are like your disciples.

I have been practicing dentistry since 1971 and using low level lasers since 1993 so to lose my lasers today, it would be so dramatic that I wouldn't be able to practise without them.

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Dr. Gerry Ross, DDS

I have been using lasers for about 14 years and low level about 7-8 years.

PBM reduces the stress on the practise and the patients. It saves teeth instead of losing teeth.

My advice to dentists who are thinking about it is to talk to people who use it. Every dentist should be using low level lasers because it's best for their patients. Dentists not using it, is really just from a lack of knowledge.

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Dr. Larry Kotlow, DDS

How Photobiomodulation Works


PBM Therapy has a photochemical effect (like photosynthesis in plants). One of the main mechanisms of action occurs in the mitochondria (the cellular power plant inside every cell). The effect depend on the application of the correct wavelength and density of light, delivered to the target tissues for an appropriate period of time (typically between 30 - 60 seconds). Pulses can improve tissue repair and anti-inflammatory effect, analgesia is best achieved with a continuous beam.

PBM for Oral Mucositis