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1 Incisor dentail
2 A full smile picture
3 An upper molar in detail
4 A restoration in detail
5 A full arch photo
6. Single molar shot

Intraoral Images, Straight and True

the grid with Claris camera

Claris i5HD

grid distortion with other brands

Other Brands

Lens quality and assembly is a crucial part of capturing images true-to-reality. Originally founded as an optics assembly manufacturer, SOTA can guarantee that our lens assembly is built to produce some of the least-distorted images in the industry. With a less than 5% distortion-rate, you can be confident that your images will communicate exactly what’s going on.

Space-grade, Anodized-Aluminum Body

We matched the superior optics of this camera with the most high-quality materials. With a space-grade, anodized, machined aluminum body—the same materials used in the most premium smartphones—the Claris i5HD is not only built for extreme durability and strength but for a lightweight feel in your hand as well. And, simply, because it looks amazing.

aluminum element sign
weight, 0.21lb light



  • CMOS Sensor – 1/3” Large Pixel With Native HD Resolution
  • MJPEG Output Resolution – 1920 X 1080 and alternate 640 X 480 for backwards compatibility
  • Signal Output – USB 2.0 forward compatible with USB 3.X
  • Angle of View – 61 degrees
  • Focus Range – 2mm-200+mm (infinity)
  • Maximum Magnification – 640×480:20X – 1280×720:50X – 1920×1080:80X
  • Lighting – 6 True White LEDs
  • Distortion – <5%
  • Driver Type, – UVC (USB Video Class)
  • Operating Systems – Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit) and macOS Sierra+

Ambidextrous Slide-Focus and Capture Button

Our slide-focus covers the maximum width and area on the camera body, giving you—single-handedly—the ability to easily adjust focus and capture images without having to re-adjust your hand placement or search for a tiny component. However you hold the camera, by the tip of your thumb or index finger, the large focus slider is designed not to impede your flow, letting you make decisions on the fly without even looking.


Turnkey Integration

The Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera is one of the only turnkey cameras on the market, designed to work with almost any dental imaging software and major practice management programs including Apteryx, Dentrix, Dexis, Eaglesoft, EasyDental, to name a few. Simply plug the intraoral camera in and immediately begin taking crystal clear images seamlessly with your current systems.