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Single Implants




Endodontic Tx


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MT4 Camera

High optical resolution camera allows for very small and minimally intrusive Navident parts to be tracked precisely and accurately throughout the entire field of view.

Robotic Automatic Tag Tracking Camera keeps your patient and your tools in the center of the field of view by automatically adjusting to changing circumstances.

With 175 degrees of horizontal and 90 vertical range of motion the MT4 robotic camera ensures your patient and your instruments will always be front and center.

360 Hand Piece Tracker

All quadrants can be precisely and consistently accessed by any hand piece mounted with our 360 adapter and tracker. “The Rocket” along with the Automated Tracking camera will allow your surgical procedure to be tracked from any position, any instrument with precision, efficiency highlightingNavident’s versatility.


Impression Registration

Fiducial registration. IR for Impression Registration or “Instant” Registration requires 1 minute of additional preparation time before the scan and saves minutes of valuable chair time. In the IR workflow once your patient sits in the chair you just calibrate your surgical instrument and go. Within 10 seconds the navigated procedure is underway.



Are you ready to revolutionize your dental office? Look no further than our team of specialists who are here to guide you through the incredible possibilities of Navident. With their expertise and knowledge, they will show you how to take your office to the next level and beyond. Discover the innovative features and benefits of Navident that will transform the way you practice dentistry. Get in touch with our specialists today and unlock the potential of your dental practice.

A breakthrough in computer aided dental surgery, Navident offers the dental surgeon an easy to use, accurate, portable and affordable way to place desired restorations, implants, canals access or jaw surgeries on a virtual patient and execute that plan on the real patient.


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