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OraSoothe Sockit Gel

Advancing the science of oral wound care







Sockit Oral Hydrogel Would Dressing



OraSoothe “Sockit” Gel is an FDA-approved, all-natural, drug-free oral wound hydrogel that comes in an easy-to-use syringe.  It is applied in-office during procedures that involve any type of oral wound and is pleasant tasting, optimizes healing, and provides excellent pain relief. After the procedure, the patient takes home the remainder of the gel and applies as needed. Benefits include:

  • Optimized healing of oral wounds
  • Pain management alternative to prescriptions
  • Reduced post-op visits
  • The Ontario fee guide code for Sockit is; 
    Chemotherapeutic and/or antimicrobial agents, topical application 
    43511 One unit of time (15 minutes)