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Illuminate Excellence: Introducing the Sirius Black Curing Light for Precision Dental Polymerization


Crafted for the Rigors of Your Dental Practice

National Dental Innovations presents Sirius Black, a curing light meticulously designed and constructed to thrive in the dynamic setting of a bustling dental office. Its robust aluminum build, coupled with thoughtful design considerations, guarantees durability, enabling SiriusMax to withstand constant use day in and day out. In contrast to plastic curing lights susceptible to wear from chemical disinfectants or accidental bumps, Sirius Black stands as a virtually indestructible solution.

Experience uninterrupted efficiency with its rapid-charging battery system, delivering up to 500 curing cycles on a single charge. Elevate your dental procedures with the reliability and resilience of SiriusMax from National Dental Innovations.


Precision Illumination for Comprehensive Polymerization

Immerse yourself in the future of dental technology with our cutting-edge curing solution. Our custom Dual-Core lens technology redefines uniform curing, effortlessly distributing light output across a spacious 10 mm lens surface. This innovative design collimates the beam, ensuring deep and uniform activation for complete polymerization.
The dual-layered lens system is where technology meets precision. The first layer orchestrates an even distribution of light energy across the entire lens surface. The second layer steps in, focusing this energy to penetrate deeper into your restorations, achieving an optimal depth of cure. Embrace efficiency with a large spot size that guarantees full coverage, eliminating the need for multiple curing sessions.
Elevate your dental procedures with the future-ready solution that redefines precision and depth – because your practice deserves the best.

and comfortable placement with 90 degree delivery and slender swivel head design


design and construction to meet the demands of a busy dental office


collimated beam with large 10mm spot ensures deep, even curing


LED menu lets you choose from nine curing modes and three power levels

An easy-to-set, brilliant LED display and customizable menu offer multiple output intensity and duration options from 3 power levels: Normal, 1,200 mw/cm2; High, 1,400 mw/cm2; and Xtra, 3,000 mw/cm2