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The Heron IOS is a fun and easy to use scanner. I am enjoying feeling like I have moved out of the dark ages of impression taking. I am slowly using the Heron for more and more procedures: moving from single tooth crowns to bridges, night guards and implant stents. Each new step is exciting,

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Dr. Justin Holder, Nanoose BC

I have been using the Heron IOS scanner for a couple months now, initial hesitation due to the cost and wondering if I really needed this are now gone as I am very pleased with the benefits the scanner has brought to my workflow. Patients definitely notice and appreciate it.

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Dr. Richard Lindzon, Scarborough ON

I have been trying out Heron IOS for roughly a couple of months and I cannot describe the difference it already made in my practice. The support team is absolutely brilliant and has been very helpful in getting this scanner set up for me along with providing the training required for the scanner.

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Dr. Richard Lindzon, Scarborough ON

Quick and Easy Heron IOS from NDI