Treatment System


Everything your practice needs to start treating your patients based on the presence of decay and/or decay history.

This package includes:

3 CTx36 Kits
3 CTx26 Kits
3 CTx21 Kits
3 CTx12 Kits
100 Caries Management Guides
Tool Box (contains marketing and training materials)

Assesses patients based on the presence of decay and/or decay history

The CariFree Treatment System provides a practice with a simple caries management program designed around assessing and prescribing therapy based on the presence and incidence of decay (1 data point). This is the easiest system to implement and the recommended place to start for practices looking to begin a standardized caries management program.


Simple: This level requires no new assessment techniques within the practice

Low Communication Requirements: Practices only discuss the CariFree CTx therapy options with paitents that present with decay.

Short Implementation Period: Most practices can get started right away after a short training.


Late to the Party: This system does not identify high risk patients prior to decay presenting, brackets being placed, cosmetic dentistry being performed, etc., which creates a higher risk of restoration failure.

Misses the "Why": Patients do not learn the specific risk factors that lead to their disease state in the first place.

Misses Bacterial Challenge: Patients with decay are prescribed antibacterial products but may not have an active biofilm challenge present.

Long-Term: Patients may need to be on products longer than necessary without risk assessment and bacterial challenge testing.


Practices that are looking for something new to treat that 5-10% of their practice that they can't seem to get under control with their current caries management regimen, as well as practices that are new to CAMBRA concepts.

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